Sunday, 2 June 2013

F*ck me, there's a geezer with a badger on his head

I didn't think it was possible for the left wing nutters to sink any lower in my estimation - I was wrong.  They attacked man in his 60s.  Ok, he was a BNP member, but come on, a man in his sixties!!!   The attackers were photographed several times, their photos are all over the papers. their faces clearly recognisable, so no doubt we will hear of their arrests in the next few days ( Ok, one, two, three,  you're  wide wide awake and back in the room) The BNP were never going to field a strong side at the protest.  Griffin is finished, if he wasn't before Saturday, he sure as fuck is now. For any group, irrespective of who or what they represent, to protest after lee Rigby's family had pleaded for groups not to protest and go ahead anyway was low, self-serving, and guaranteed to alienate the public.

The lefties had turned out in numbers for this one.  The basket weaving classes were empty, vegan restaurants were closed for the day.  The only left wingers doing a brisk business were those who sold face coverings and the trade union reps who were wandering through the crowds with buckets badgering people for money.
Protesters block the road and traffic grinds to a halt

I passed the protest pen in Whitehall and there were a good few lefties present.  I thought I would see how many BNP had turned up, so I headed down towards Old Palace Yard where the police had agreed the BNP march could begin.  As I got to Parliament Square, I saw there were several hundred lefties blocking the road in front of the Palace of Westminster.  Surprisingly there were not that many police present at this time.

As I looked back up towards Downing St, I was stunned to see hundreds of lefties being escorted out of the pen, blocking the road and shepherded down to join their comrades in front of the HoP.  I struggled to see the tactical benefit of allowing a group with a long history of violence to become "mob handed".  The protest pens are there for containment and until the cops let them leave, traffic was running freely.

There were now apps 1000 lefties facing of against Griffins mob, which numbered around 75.  The road was closed.  Now don't get me wrong here, the BNP had rightly been refused permission to march  in Woolwich.  The trade off for not defying the ban, was that they would be allowed to march from Old Palace Yard to the Cenotaph.  However, by letting UAF mob up, blocking the road outside the HoP, the police ensured  the BNP march to the Cenotaph could not happen.  Clearly a deliberate move by the police top brass, to appease the lefties.

Anyone who say's this was a clever tactical move needs to look to the fact that the police arrested so many of the left wing extremists that they had to commandeer two double decker London buses to take them to the police stations.  Police stations that were spread all around London, as there was not enough room in the cells of any one nick.  Had they kept the lefties in the pen, they would have had complete control over them.  In the event, those geniuses who normally sit behind a desk, but on big public order events come out to play on the streets, cocked it up - again!  The 'real' cops, the ones who actually do the graft, were put in avoidable danger by the tactics yesterday.
A man with a badger on his head

While the cops were busy arresting the lefties at one end of the demo, I was at the other having a coffee.  There was an old guy standing near me and I heard him say "Fuck me, there's a geezer with a badger on is head".  I turned round and there were dozens of people from the anti badger cull demo, streaming across Parliament Square.  This was a brief moment of light relief as most of them were in fancy dress or wearing badger masks.  Most of them were good natured, but a small number of hunt saboteurs set a fire against the railing in front of the HoP.  Most of the hunt sabs joined the anti BNP mob, swelling the size of the crowd even more.

The BNP eventually dispersed and the lefties drifted of into the evening, no doubt searching for a form of ecologically sustainable transport to take them back to mummy and daddies house for a well deserved plate of lentil stew.  Well, those that didn't get nicked that is, they had to make do with a London bus and porridge for breakfast.

Protesters set a fire outside Parliament
So I made my way back up Whitehall heading home.  As I reached a pup near  the top of Whitehall there was a bit of trouble on the pavement.  Turns out that some lefties had started on the  girlfriends of some squaddies from a certain London Barracks.  The squaddies had taken exception to the leftie drivel and given one or two of them a bit of a slap.  Oh how I laughed.  The day got a wee bit better for seeing that.  I didn't know, but it was about to get better still.

Arriving in Trafalgar Square, there were several lefties on the plinths at the bottom of Nelsons Column. They were drinking from cans of Stella and generally making an arse of themselves.  A pissed up guy who was passing by got nicked for relieving himself against the bottom of the plinth.  Fair play and deserved I say, but, the lefties turned this around, saying the guy had exposed himself to children intentionally.  The lefties were winding the guy up while he was safely in cuffs waiting on transport to take him away.

Once the guy had been taken away, the lefties went back up onto the plinth.  They were happily scrawling graffiti such as ACAB, and anarchist signs all over the plinths and ground, and were actually surprised when the cops climbed onto the plinth and arrested one of them.  They tried to gang up on the two cops who were making the arrest, and free the culprit, but reinforcements arrived and the lefties decided to behave.

While this was going on a rather unattractive black clad, female, was lying on the ground wailing hysterically, tears streaming down her face, while a succession of would be suitors  tried to comfort her ( no doubt with one eye on a bit of drug induces fumbling back in the squat later).  I've devoted a gallery on my website to her as she epitomises everything about the blacbloc.  An attention seeking drama queen, who, when the going gets tough, buckles under the slightest pressure. I should point out that no-one touched her to make her cry, this was just a reaction to seeing her friend arrested.  Have a look on the site, 'drama queen' gallery.

That was that for the day.  Yet again, for the second time in a week, the left wing extremists had caused violent disorder in London.  This does not bode well for the anti G8 protests due to take place in London later this month.

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