Thursday, 30 May 2013

Is there a link between Chowdary and French Muslim extremists?

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So, Anjem Chowdary and his family have gone into hiding, no doubt at the expense of the UK taxpayer.  The man is so hated in the UK that I doubt it will be long before his bolt-hole is exposed.  Let's hope he is arrested before then.

I've been  going through my back catalogue of shots taken at protests attended by Evil Anjem, with a view to passing them on to the cops - who knows, they may see faces with Chowdary who are involved in Lee Rigby's murder.

The  worst of the protests I covered was the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 memorial service in London, I posted a blog at the time and covered it again in my recent post "Arrest Chowdary Now"  It was vile.
French Cop leaves the scene of protest

One thing struck me as unusual at the time, there was a  uniformed Gendarme working with a senior Met officer.  I say working, they were studying Chowdary's protesters.  I never saw them spend any time looking at the EDL protest as they were well away from the service taking place in Grosvenor Square Gardens.  They were accompanied by one of the Met's Forward Intel officers, these are the  guys you will see photographing/videoing the crowds at any protests, so that in itself was not unusual, but having covered hundreds of protests in London and beyond, staged by all kinds of protesters, I have never seen cops from overseas in attendance.

In April of 2011, Chowdary was banned from entering France.  He was stopped at customs in the Port of Calais, along with a coach load of his henchmen.  They were on their way to an illegal protest in Paris against the French govt's decision to ban the burka.  He was put on the next ferry back to the UK.

So why, months after he was banned from France, did the Gendarmes spend time observing Chowdary and his mob in London?  There may now be a valid reason for the French interest in the protest.
French police take notes at protest by Anjem Chowdary's group

In the light of events including the murder of Lee Rigby, and the links between Chowdary and the terrorists involved, along with the attempted murder in France of a French soldier by another crazed jihadist, is there a connection between Chowdary and extremists in France?

Is this something MI5/MI6 should be investigating along with Chowdary's links to UK domestic terrorists?  The media has been quick to brand the French crime as 'copycat'.  Given the French interest in Chowdary, I feel it could just as easily be an attack carried out on the orders of a higher placed jihadist, someone shrewed enough to radicalise  youth and get them to carry out attacks while he sits in his taxpayer funded house, distancing himself from anything that could put his cushy lifestyle in jeopardy.

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