Saturday, 25 May 2013

Arrest Chowdary now.

The time has come for the Home Secretary to take her thumb out her saggy, hairy arse, and issue orders to arrest the hate preacher Anjem Chowdary.  Time after time he has had carte blanche to march and protest on the streets of London and other UK cities, spouting his vile rhetoric with impunity.  While other protest groups, including other Muslim extremists, have had to deal with restrictions on where they protest, Chowdary's mob do what they want.  Is he a source of intel to the security services? probably.

 He is hated by Muslims outside the enclave of  radicalised youths who follow him.  They rightly see him as a source of embarrassment to their faith and backgrounds, and a danger to the many vulnerable youths, who as a result of extreme left wing propaganda and certain media outlets, are prone to believing the lies Chowdary preaches.

Over the years we have seen Chowdary involved in the leadership of several radical groups, all of which have been banned by the Home Sec,  only for him to go away and form another one.  We have seen his groups burn poppies on Remembrance Day.  One of Chowdary's people were fined £50 for this grotesque act, while a member of the EDL who tried to stop it by jumping into the protest pen containing the extremists, was fined in the region of £350.

During the 10th anniversary of 9/11 there was a service held in Grovesnor Square, London.  The service was attended by a host of dignitaries, including Prince Charles.  Also present were survivors of the attacks on the twin towers, and relatives of those who perished.  Chowdary had around 50 supporters present.  The police allowed them to get right to the edge of the square.   The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson had to walk past them.  He was attacked, only escaping injury due to the quick actions of the cops. As the two minute silence was held at the exact time the first plane stuck the first tower, just 50 yards away from the service, Chowdary and his mob started screeching insults about those who died, and praising those who carried out the attack.  Were they arrested? no.  Were they moved away from the scene? no.  The EDL were present.  They came to lay a wreath.  They were forced to stand well away from the square.

I could go on and on listing the vile deeds carried out by these vermin, and the licence they have been given to do them but these are the ones that spring to mind.

The point I am trying to make in this post is that despite signs so clear that anyone with even a passing  interest in current affairs could see them, Chowdary has been poisoning the minds of disaffected Muslim youths for years, and a succession of Govts have refused to anything about him.  This has resulted in the horrific murder in Woolwich.

So, what can we, the man on the street do about this situation?  Personally, I have voted Tory all my days.  Never again.  The days of a 'proper' Tory party ended when the late Baroness Thatcher walked out the gates of Downing St for the last time.  Can anyone imagine Thatcher dealing with Chowdary?  He would be rotting in the jail where he belongs.  Looking at the Tories now, I can't  see anyone who would do a better job than Cameron.  Why?  Are they all really spineless tossers, or are they being bullied by the public school elite leadership?  I fear this is the case.  Labour is a no no.  They would probably give Chowdary a seat in Govt.  UKIP, well, right now they would have my vote.  Before a general election they would need a serious number of Tory defectors to join their ranks, but that is not a fantasy, it's a real possibility.  Bring it on!  They seem the only party who are not intent on causing more public fury by instigating unsuitable spending cuts and blaming them on Europe, while looking after the public school rich boys.  The govt has to change, and that has to start with the Tories getting shot of Cameron.

At least UKIP are clear on the need for reform over Europe.  This is something that needs to be done.  I have suffered more than most due to European bureaucracy.  The promise of a referendum if we vote the Tories in again is not to be trusted.  Just like the promise not to increase tuition fees was not to be trusted the last time around.

What we should not do is just as important.  Like everyone, I watched in horror as events in Woolwich unfolded.  Like most men I would have loved to commit unspeakable acts of violence on the scum who murdered Riggers.  I believe it is human nature to want revenge.  But there is something that separates us from savages like Chowdary and his radicalised scum who committed the brutal murder.  It is the ability to stop and think!

The murder of Riggers was a cold and calculated deed.  It was designed to give maximum media coverage to the teachings of Chowdary and other extremist preachers.  The media coverage was a given.  However, during his rant to the camera phone, one of the murders spoke of wanting a war on the streets of London.  Were normal people to act on their human instincts and target extremists on the streets, we would be giving the extremists what they want.  "But we would win it you say".  Would we?  Yeah sure, Chowdary and his mob could be targeted on the streets and dealt with 'street justice style'.  But that would not win the war.  It would be giving the left wing media more fuel, it would breed a new and more dangerous class of extremists. Remember this, Once upon a time Anjem Chowdary was a normal student who called himself Andy.  He drank lager, smoked a bit of pot and looked at porn.  Somewhere someone radicalised him! Those who murdered Riggers wanted to conquer and divide, one of the oldest military tactics in the book.  They want us to turn on the vast majority of law abiding Muslims.  They want running battles in the street. We must not give them what they crave.  Like it or not, Most Muslims are on our side and despise extremism.

This does not just apply to those who want revenge on the extremists.  Perhaps even more-so, it applies to the extreme left wing groups such as Unite against Fascism and their like.   The EDL have announced a demo against the way the govt tackles extremists on Bank Holiday Monday  at Downing St.  Many may not agree with this, and struggle to see what it will achieve.  However, if they are left to their own devices, they will rant and rave,  they will get pissed, wave flags and generally vent their collective spleens against the govt's miserable failings when it comes to dealing with extremism.  Providing that is all they do, I cant see a problem with that.

 However, within minutes of the EDL announcing their intentions on social media platforms, UAF decided they were going to stage a counter demo.  Why?  There is only one answer to that question - they want to cause trouble.  If that were not the case they wouldn't hold a counter protest.  It is as simple as that!  They are using the death of Riggers to demonise the EDL and the rage felt by the working classes.  Freedom of speech is something our forces have always fought for.  They pay a heavy price for it.  It is not there to be abused.

Lets be honest, when was the last time anyone ever heard of UAF protesting about anything other than the EDL.  Did they protest at the savagery shown by the extremist suicide bombers during the attacks on London? No.  Have they arranged a protest against any acts of terrorism by anyone?  No.  I'm not a member of the EDL.  I think they way the try to achieve their goals is wrong.  I think they wasted a great chance to have the majority of public opinion on their side years ago when instead of continuing to garner the support of the working man in the pub, they fought running battles with the police.  Hundreds of pissed up protesters are never going to be taken seriously.  They make themselves an easy target for the media.  That said, it is difficult to disagree with much of what they protest about.

Thanks to the left wing bias of much of the mainstream media, it is not generally known that there are always more arrests from the UAF mob than from the EDL when the two sides meet.  Talking of when the two sides meet, this is always at the instigation of UAF.  The EDL announce a protest and UAF announce a counter protest.  If UAF didn't have counter protests then there would be only a fraction of the troubles. The notion of freedom of speech does not mean the police or councils involved have to agree to  hosting opposing marches on the same day!  Has anyone ever heard of the EDL protesting against UAF?  Thought not.

It needs to be remembered that the fascists in this case are the ones who butchered the young soldier.  Those who are intent on protesting need to make it clear that they are protesting against the govt.  Running battles with the police or chasing UAF up and down Whitehall is giving the piece of shit who told the world he murdered a soldier because he wanted a war on the streets of London, exactly what he asked for.  Don't do it.  At least give Cameron and co the chance to act.  If they don't, they can't say they never had a chance!

For those new to this blog and wonder if I am some sort of left wing fence sitter, I'm not.  I'm an ex Scots Guardsman.  I'm proud of my country, I'm proud of  having served my country and I'm proud of the men and women who continue to do so in a much harder climate than I did.

RIP Lee 'Riggers"Rigby  Stand Easy.

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