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It's been a long time since there has been anything to post about on here.  There have been the regular protests by the mentally unstable members of UK Uncut, but to be honest, they are boring and the papers are not interested in them any more.  "We are the 99%" they chant - Really?  Sorry, no, you are not.  Likewise there have been protests by the usual groups of assorted foreign nations who live here,  but hate us, blaming us for all that is wrong in their own country.  Photos of them don't sell either, and to be honest,  watching them is not very good for my blood pressure.

The sad death of Baroness Thatcher was always going to bring the nutters out.  I'll put my cards on the table right away.  I did not agree with everything MT did.  However, she is exactly what the country needs right now.  A PM who has backbone, a  PM who has the best interests of the UK at heart.  Not some lily livered, pie faced, rich boy like the one we have now.   She defeated the IRA, she defeated the Argies and destroyed the stranglehold the left wing unions had on the country.  Sadly,  it will be a long time before we see anyone with her qualities in Govt again!

On to the 'Death Party' then.  It was hammering down in London and when I arrived at Trafalgar Square it was empty.  There were cops and a lot of private security, but no protesters.  I met up with a pal of mine who was standing next to some punks/anarchists, and one or two guys who were wee bit too well dressed to be part of the protest  group!!!  They all seemed to be getting on, so it seemed ok.  There were a few cops watching them.  This was under the arched canopy outside Waterstones bookshop just off Trafalgar Square for those who know the area.  They were a group of appx 25, all drinking and most seemed pissed up.
Scene of the bottle attack

Just as I was considering going home, one of the protesters came scurrying up to some cops who were standing nearby "They are arguing along there" she said, as though the police were supposed to wade in and put the put those involved on the naughty step.  I had a look, and just as I got there, one weasly looking kid had blood running from a cut around his eye, and was involved in a shouting match with another.  Suddenly, 'crash', the one who was already bleeding was smashed over the head with a bottle, which actually broke with the force of the swing.  The cops were on them in a flash and nicked a few.  On seeing the blood, the rest of the rough, tough anarchists decided they had no stomach for violence and headed away.

It was still pissing down but a crowd was beginning to gather in the square.  As reported in the MSM most of them were far too young to have been alive when MT was in office.  There were quite a few IRA supporters there with placards about the hunger strikers and the army.  Clearly being beaten by Maggie still upsets them - well the ones who are still alive anyway.  There was a manky looking thing with an Argentinian flag - you can always count on the left to support lost causes!  All in all, the crowd were just what I expected - a collection of the 'best' the far left could put on the streets -  a pathetic mix of poor little rich kids, slumming it on a day away from mummy and daddy, the dirty  unwashed squat dwellers who exist on methadone prescriptions and out of date food, lifted from supermarket skips, along with a large proportion of London's rough sleepers, who were drawn to the event like moths to a flame, dribbling at  the prospect of rich kids with free flowing alcohol. The best estimate I have seen is that at it's peak there were at most 1700 present.  When you consider that high profile events attended by normal people such as the Jubilee or Royal Wedding attract crowds that number in the hundreds of thousands, it is clear just how little support for left wing causes there is.  Nowdays, being left wing seems to be a lifestyle choice for the offspring of those who made their money when MT was running the country.  The 'Blac Bloc' is a prime example of this.  It is made up of a gaggle of kids who relish the chance to wear face coverings.  It must come as a respite from people staring at the raging acne  which covers their youthful faces.
Police close St Martins Lane

As darkness fell it was still raining and most of the bemused tourists who had made up a large portion of the crowd, had gone away. By now the gathering had thinned to around 600.  There were around 300 in front of the National Gallery and the remainder were down on Trafalgar Square.  As expected, this was when the violence started.  The crowd in front of the National Gallery were intent on having a party and I saw no violence from them.  The crowd in the Square however, used the cover of darkness to start throwing bottles at the police lines.  As the police line closed in, I saw one cop punched in the face.  There was no arrest at the time for this.  Still the occasional bottle flew at the cops.  Unusually, the police had no protective gear with them.  No helmets or shields. Despite being the targets for violence, they never even had their batons drawn! I asked a sergeant why this was and he replied with a wry smile that it was not his decision.  Who would be a cop in London when your bosses make decisions like that?

I stayed until 10:30pm.  It was still raining.  The scare-mongering that 100's of Millwall fans were going to arrive and  attack the lefties proved to be just that - a load of bollocks, although to be fair, one or two did turn up, but were quickly moved on by the police.

Several protesters I spoke to put the poor turnout down to people staying away in order to avoid arrest before the funeral on Wednesday.  It has to be said that a lot of the usual suspects at these events were missing - whether they were saving themselves for the funeral, or,  have just grown up and taken their fathers offer of a job in the City, remains to be seen.  If there is trouble during the funeral, I hope those who sit in luxury offices in New Scotland Yard allow the cops who do the real work, to do their job and make arrests - not stand back in the hope there is enough CCTV evidence to make arrests at a later date.  The public want to see these people arrested at the time - not listen to some spin from some office dwelling senior ranks after the event.  If the police are not seen to deal with these protesters, while I don't condone it, it would be difficult to  blame pro MT supporters for taking the law into their own hands.  The world's media will once again be watching, let the police do their jobs.  Don't make the country a laughing stock again.

The only certainty regarding MT's death is that the vile abuse directed at what is after all, the death of an old lady, a mother, and grandmother has only marginalised the looney left even more.

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OT, I am still looking for a ghost writer for my book on Portugal.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please pass on my details.

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  1. You paint a very clear picture of what protesting is really like. With this particular protest it's almost as if, with the death of their "hate-figure", the life has gone out of the protesters as well.


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