Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Look at us - we wear masks - we are sinister.

It's been a good long while since London has seen any protests that were clearly going to end in violence.  Every year on Nov 5, while normal people attend firework displays or just get on with what they do, anarchists stage a protest at The Palace of Westminster.  It brings traffic to a halt and costs thousands of pounds to police.

Usually, the organisers try to keep details secret until the last minute but this year was different.  Sky news had a member of the 'We want to be seen as sinister' Occupy movement on the lunchtime news yesterday and he told the nation of plans to close Westminster bridge at 6 pm as part of a protest against the govt's austerity measures.  He waxed lyrical about cuts and the effects they have on people.  Clearly, the cuts are not affecting him as he was wearing a £90 Superdry shirt for his moment in the limelight.  Must have been a present from mummy eh?

The Occupy movement seem to live in a strange parallel universe.  They claim to be 99% of the population.  They genuinely seem to believe this.  Their banners are equally bizarre, claiming that we should all 'be afraid' and that we should 'expect them' and that they 'don't forgive'.  As you would expect, all the members I have spoken to are middle to upper class kids.   Last night however, their numbers were bolstered by plenty of what I would call 'Old school anarchists'.

I suppose there must have been 1000 of them in total.  Most wore Guy Fawkes masks - this stems from the movie 'V for Vendetta', I'm not sure why, they could have chosen another Hollywood movie to emulate, imagine the effect if they all wore Homer Simpson masks.  They marched from Trafalgar Square down to Parliament Square.  As expected traffic ground to a halt in the area.  Barriers had been placed around the grass square and in front of the HoP.  These were pulled away and ended up all over the road.  There was a heavy police presence, but I was surprised to see the mob being allowed to get on the pavement outside the HoP.

Mostly the crowd were reasonably well behaved.  They danced to portable sound systems, climbed traffic lights, and let off fireworks.  I say mostly because amongst the crowd were a large group hell bent of causing aggro.  They were on the grass side of the road, opposite the gates to the HoP.  Occasionally they would approach the cops on the pavement and get in their faces with abuse and generally try to get a reaction.  The cops didn't rise to the bait despite some pretty nasty provocation.  There were several cars and a London bus stuck in the crowd opposite the gates to the HoP.  Some numbskull started climbing up the front of the bus - what a rebel eh?  Soon, the cops decided to get the traffic free from the crowd.  there was a wee bit of a stramash as the cops forced the crowd away from the traffic.  One protester a man in his 30's was led from the scene by police medics.  He was crying, tears running down his face because "A police officer hit him on the arm" Tosser!

There was some fuckwit with a megaphone (isn't there always?).  He really showed just how twisted the mentality of those in the occupy movement is.  Imagine all the mentalist conspiracy theorists on the net rolled into one and you get an idea of the sort of shite he was spouting.  He went as far a telling the crowd of 10 or so who were actually listening to him that Occupy knew of 20 police agents who were undercover in the Occupy organisation, but he said that's ok as Occupy had agents who were serving police officers.  Mmmmm, you know, thinking about it, he could be right!

As is normal on these occasions, a few large splinter groups left the main protest and headed away, followed by several police carriers.  In the past following these groups has led to much frustration as all they do is run around and then head back to where they came from.  It's tiring and I'm getting too old for that sort of  shit anyway.   One breakaway group went to Oxford St and ran around in the traffic for a bit, while the other went to  Buckingham Palace.  I got a blow by blow account of what went on at the palace from my mate who was there.  Here is a brief outline - Fireworks were aimed at the palace and several hit the building.  The crowd cheered as this happened.  The crowd were allowed to light a fire near the gates of the palace.  Yes, they did launch bottles and other debris at the cops.  Not nearly enough arrests were made.

I was still on Whitehall as this was going on.  I got word the crowd were heading back from Oxford St in my direction so I hung about for a bit.  Around 150 arrived back on Whitehall, most marched past Downing St, but a small group sat down and blocked the gateway.  They were a bit late as it was around 10pm by now and Dave and Co were probably tucked up in bed now.

So, that was it.  They came, they protested, they gained fuck all.  The govt still stands.  I'm writing this the day after and surprisingly I've yet to hear a single complaint about police brutality.

A selection of photographs are on my site -

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Anti G8 Protests in London

Live animal exports are sickening.  I covered such an event at the Port of Dover on Monday night.  There was a small but vocal protest at the entrance tot he port when I arrived.  They had clear banners which were easy to read for those arriving at the port.  I counted fifty eight protesters at it's peak.  The police, all three of them, kept a respectful distance, remaining in the port, and seemingly content to let the protesters do their thing, as long as it was safe, and their was no trouble.

Cards on the table time - I like this lot.   They are approachable, polite and non threatening.  They are passionate about their cause and they put in a lot of time and effort to put an end to this horrific trade.  A trade that is seemingly unprofitable, which begs the question why the operators continue to ply their trade at all?  There are rumours that are being investigated at the moment.  I hope to post more on this in the future.

What they don't do, is attack the police, disrupt life and business  for hundreds of people, or generally act like spoiled brats.  Then again, most are, well let's just say, over 21.  Good luck to them.

Yesterday in London was a different kettle of fish.  The usual band of plastic anarchists, thugs, care in the community patients, and students, had a new ready made cause.  The G8 summit.  Unlike real anarchists, this lot are not committed enough to actually travel to Ulster for the summit, choosing instead to dress up in black and run around London.

First stop for me was Oxford Circus, one of the two meeting points the Stop G8 group had been advertising on social media platforms.  The police had a section 60 order in place which apparently allows them to force people to remove face coverings if they feel it appropriate.  I think this is great.  They should not be allowed to cover their faces at all.  As the march moved off down Regent Street it had gone less than ten yards when the first arrest and outbreak of violence from the protesters happened. It was clear from this point that there was going to be bother.  As usual, tourists, some with young children were forced to find shelter where they could, while most shops locked their doors as the the mob made it's way down Regent Street.
Police and protesters clash on Piccadilly

More protesters joined the group as it reached Piccadilly.  As they headed towards Fortnum and Masons, the scene of vandalism and violence during a previous protest, more trouble broke out.  One cop who was making an arrest was pouched in the head by several protesters as he resolutely refused to release his prisoner.  It got quite hairy, the road was completely blocked by the crowd and protesters were face to face with the police.   A cop who was chasing a protester dropped his radio.  As he bent to pick it up, he was booted in the side by a protester who was running behind him. There was a lot of pushing and shoving and plenty of punches thrown by protesters.  It was at this point that I noticed a skinny kid   pulling his mask up.  As I looked at him I saw he was holding a hammer by his side.  It looked new. Bought for the protest?  As I lifted my camera to photograph him, there was a moment when his eyes met mine and he quickly passed the hammer to a girl and they both melted away into the crowd.  There was no way I could follow them as the crowd was too densely packed.  I began to wish I had brought my helmet!  There were several more arrests before the crowd changed direction and headed into Mayfair.

I wired a set of shots in and made my way to the squat at Beak St in Soho.  The police had brought two  double decker buses to remove those who had been arrested.  The same buses that were used to remove other left wing protesters a few weeks ago at the anti BNP demo in Westminster.  There was a small crowd 30/40 strong in Golden Square, which was as close to the squat as anyone could get.  The police cordon consisted of officers in full riot gear.  During the week, the lefties had started branding all soldiers as bastards (ASAB) as well as the already established - (ACAB) all cops are bastards.  Among the small crowd was a wee tit with a placard saying soldiers are fascists.  I think this stems from an event in Wethrspoons on Whitehall a few weeks ago when some lefties started on the wife of a squaddie in the pub.  The squaddie and his mates did not take this lying down and gave the lefties a bit of a slapping.  To further confuse the message the protesters were trying to get across ( and send my blood pressure sky high) they were singing along to  IRA songs, played through a set of speakers attached to a laptop.  One minute they were singing about the Black and Tans, next they were chanting 'We are all Mark Duggan' - go figure!

An ambulance arrived, and in true drama queen fashion, the reasons for this were wide ranging.  According to one protester, the cops had killed someone by hitting him on the head with a crowbar, or from another one, hit someone on the head with an angle grinder - WTF, an angle grinder? Ah yes, the riot cops favourite weapon, the angle grinder, probably the same one used the kill Mark Duggan.  Tossers!

The two buses, which had been parked behind the police cordon began to move forward.  This whipped the crowd into a frenzy - strange behaviour as it was clear the buses were empty!  Even stranger was the fact that the empty buses were escorted from Golden Square by a line of riot cops backed up by the dog section.  There were a few more arrests at this point.

For the rest of the day there was sporadic outbursts of cat and mouse between the protesters and the cops.  Eventually, what was left of the protesters gathered at Piccadilly Circus for the planned street party.  Now, clearly the protesters idea of what constitutes a party is not the same as mine   Where most people mingle, dance a bit, and generally socialise, the protesters idea of a party was to sit around snarling at tourists who tried to photograph the strange, dirty looking people who were sitting/lying on the ground.  After an hour or so of 'partying' they decided to protest at Charing Cross nick, to in their words "show solidarity to their comrades"

The narrow road in front of Charing Cross nick was pretty packed.  Not because of large numbers of protesters, just cos the road is narrow.  There were the same old chants "who's streets, our streets", and "shame on you"(directed at the cops), but in a bizarre twist, they had learned some chants a foreign  language.  I didn't recognise exactly which language it was but it wasn't English.  Perhaps there is a special class where they go to learn this skill.
Protester 1 'The Spitter'

The highlight of the Charing Cross episode was the 'interaction' I witnessed between two protesters, it went like this -  Protester 1- 'Shut it, your a police spy, thats why you cut your dreds off innit" Protester 2 -" no, I just fancied a change"  Protester 1 "LIAR, POLICE SPY"  Protester 1 then spat on protester 2, catching him full in the face.  Classy eh?  A girl ( I use the term loosely) who was with Protester 2 approached a cop, yeah, thats right, one of the cops she had been calling bastards just a few moments earlier, and demanded, yes demanded that Protester 1 is arrested.  Cue some comedy gold.  Protester 1 was tall and lean, the cop who was trying to get the cuffs on him was shorter and was struggling.  Protester 1 started laughing at him, holding his arm above his head and out of reach.  Several other cops  joined in and soon Protester 1 was cuffed behind the back and bent forward, OH YOU YOU LITTLE SHIT, THAT REALLY HURTS screamed Protester 1 as he was led, bent double around the side of the building and into the nick.  The look on the short cops face was priceless!
OH that hurts!

That was just about it for the day, although a small group of protesters did head down Whitehall and pitched up on Parliament Square.  Such is their desperation to find a cause to protest about, that as darkness fell, they were Tweeting for followers to join with the handful of peaceful Turkish protesters who have been protesting in Trafalgar Square all week.

Finally, I take the piss out of these protesters.  They deserve it.  Thing is though, they are dangerous.  Not in an economic sense, of course they will never achieve their aim of bringing down the govt, but in a physical sense they are dangerous to the public and the cops who police their protests, due to the levels of violence they employ.
They see violent protests like the ones currently on - going in Turkey and try to emulate them here.  Raiding  the Squat in Beak St which contained protesters, not only from the UK, but from overseas as well, was intelligence led, but the rumours I heard yesterday were that it was not paint bombs they were looking for but petrol bombs.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

F*ck me, there's a geezer with a badger on his head

I didn't think it was possible for the left wing nutters to sink any lower in my estimation - I was wrong.  They attacked man in his 60s.  Ok, he was a BNP member, but come on, a man in his sixties!!!   The attackers were photographed several times, their photos are all over the papers. their faces clearly recognisable, so no doubt we will hear of their arrests in the next few days ( Ok, one, two, three,  you're  wide wide awake and back in the room) The BNP were never going to field a strong side at the protest.  Griffin is finished, if he wasn't before Saturday, he sure as fuck is now. For any group, irrespective of who or what they represent, to protest after lee Rigby's family had pleaded for groups not to protest and go ahead anyway was low, self-serving, and guaranteed to alienate the public.

The lefties had turned out in numbers for this one.  The basket weaving classes were empty, vegan restaurants were closed for the day.  The only left wingers doing a brisk business were those who sold face coverings and the trade union reps who were wandering through the crowds with buckets badgering people for money.
Protesters block the road and traffic grinds to a halt

I passed the protest pen in Whitehall and there were a good few lefties present.  I thought I would see how many BNP had turned up, so I headed down towards Old Palace Yard where the police had agreed the BNP march could begin.  As I got to Parliament Square, I saw there were several hundred lefties blocking the road in front of the Palace of Westminster.  Surprisingly there were not that many police present at this time.

As I looked back up towards Downing St, I was stunned to see hundreds of lefties being escorted out of the pen, blocking the road and shepherded down to join their comrades in front of the HoP.  I struggled to see the tactical benefit of allowing a group with a long history of violence to become "mob handed".  The protest pens are there for containment and until the cops let them leave, traffic was running freely.

There were now apps 1000 lefties facing of against Griffins mob, which numbered around 75.  The road was closed.  Now don't get me wrong here, the BNP had rightly been refused permission to march  in Woolwich.  The trade off for not defying the ban, was that they would be allowed to march from Old Palace Yard to the Cenotaph.  However, by letting UAF mob up, blocking the road outside the HoP, the police ensured  the BNP march to the Cenotaph could not happen.  Clearly a deliberate move by the police top brass, to appease the lefties.

Anyone who say's this was a clever tactical move needs to look to the fact that the police arrested so many of the left wing extremists that they had to commandeer two double decker London buses to take them to the police stations.  Police stations that were spread all around London, as there was not enough room in the cells of any one nick.  Had they kept the lefties in the pen, they would have had complete control over them.  In the event, those geniuses who normally sit behind a desk, but on big public order events come out to play on the streets, cocked it up - again!  The 'real' cops, the ones who actually do the graft, were put in avoidable danger by the tactics yesterday.
A man with a badger on his head

While the cops were busy arresting the lefties at one end of the demo, I was at the other having a coffee.  There was an old guy standing near me and I heard him say "Fuck me, there's a geezer with a badger on is head".  I turned round and there were dozens of people from the anti badger cull demo, streaming across Parliament Square.  This was a brief moment of light relief as most of them were in fancy dress or wearing badger masks.  Most of them were good natured, but a small number of hunt saboteurs set a fire against the railing in front of the HoP.  Most of the hunt sabs joined the anti BNP mob, swelling the size of the crowd even more.

The BNP eventually dispersed and the lefties drifted of into the evening, no doubt searching for a form of ecologically sustainable transport to take them back to mummy and daddies house for a well deserved plate of lentil stew.  Well, those that didn't get nicked that is, they had to make do with a London bus and porridge for breakfast.

Protesters set a fire outside Parliament
So I made my way back up Whitehall heading home.  As I reached a pup near  the top of Whitehall there was a bit of trouble on the pavement.  Turns out that some lefties had started on the  girlfriends of some squaddies from a certain London Barracks.  The squaddies had taken exception to the leftie drivel and given one or two of them a bit of a slap.  Oh how I laughed.  The day got a wee bit better for seeing that.  I didn't know, but it was about to get better still.

Arriving in Trafalgar Square, there were several lefties on the plinths at the bottom of Nelsons Column. They were drinking from cans of Stella and generally making an arse of themselves.  A pissed up guy who was passing by got nicked for relieving himself against the bottom of the plinth.  Fair play and deserved I say, but, the lefties turned this around, saying the guy had exposed himself to children intentionally.  The lefties were winding the guy up while he was safely in cuffs waiting on transport to take him away.

Once the guy had been taken away, the lefties went back up onto the plinth.  They were happily scrawling graffiti such as ACAB, and anarchist signs all over the plinths and ground, and were actually surprised when the cops climbed onto the plinth and arrested one of them.  They tried to gang up on the two cops who were making the arrest, and free the culprit, but reinforcements arrived and the lefties decided to behave.

While this was going on a rather unattractive black clad, female, was lying on the ground wailing hysterically, tears streaming down her face, while a succession of would be suitors  tried to comfort her ( no doubt with one eye on a bit of drug induces fumbling back in the squat later).  I've devoted a gallery on my website to her as she epitomises everything about the blacbloc.  An attention seeking drama queen, who, when the going gets tough, buckles under the slightest pressure. I should point out that no-one touched her to make her cry, this was just a reaction to seeing her friend arrested.  Have a look on the site, 'drama queen' gallery.

That was that for the day.  Yet again, for the second time in a week, the left wing extremists had caused violent disorder in London.  This does not bode well for the anti G8 protests due to take place in London later this month.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Is there a link between Chowdary and French Muslim extremists?

WARNING - All content, both written and photographs are subject to copyright laws.

So, Anjem Chowdary and his family have gone into hiding, no doubt at the expense of the UK taxpayer.  The man is so hated in the UK that I doubt it will be long before his bolt-hole is exposed.  Let's hope he is arrested before then.

I've been  going through my back catalogue of shots taken at protests attended by Evil Anjem, with a view to passing them on to the cops - who knows, they may see faces with Chowdary who are involved in Lee Rigby's murder.

The  worst of the protests I covered was the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 memorial service in London, I posted a blog at the time and covered it again in my recent post "Arrest Chowdary Now"  It was vile.
French Cop leaves the scene of protest

One thing struck me as unusual at the time, there was a  uniformed Gendarme working with a senior Met officer.  I say working, they were studying Chowdary's protesters.  I never saw them spend any time looking at the EDL protest as they were well away from the service taking place in Grosvenor Square Gardens.  They were accompanied by one of the Met's Forward Intel officers, these are the  guys you will see photographing/videoing the crowds at any protests, so that in itself was not unusual, but having covered hundreds of protests in London and beyond, staged by all kinds of protesters, I have never seen cops from overseas in attendance.

In April of 2011, Chowdary was banned from entering France.  He was stopped at customs in the Port of Calais, along with a coach load of his henchmen.  They were on their way to an illegal protest in Paris against the French govt's decision to ban the burka.  He was put on the next ferry back to the UK.

So why, months after he was banned from France, did the Gendarmes spend time observing Chowdary and his mob in London?  There may now be a valid reason for the French interest in the protest.
French police take notes at protest by Anjem Chowdary's group

In the light of events including the murder of Lee Rigby, and the links between Chowdary and the terrorists involved, along with the attempted murder in France of a French soldier by another crazed jihadist, is there a connection between Chowdary and extremists in France?

Is this something MI5/MI6 should be investigating along with Chowdary's links to UK domestic terrorists?  The media has been quick to brand the French crime as 'copycat'.  Given the French interest in Chowdary, I feel it could just as easily be an attack carried out on the orders of a higher placed jihadist, someone shrewed enough to radicalise  youth and get them to carry out attacks while he sits in his taxpayer funded house, distancing himself from anything that could put his cushy lifestyle in jeopardy.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

UAF Thugs rampage around Westminster - where is the media condemnation?

In my last post I mentioned the idea that if the extreme left protest groups did not turn up at EDL rallies  there would be no trouble, save for the EDL arguing amongst themselves.  Well, yesterday both turned out in London.  This is the story of what actually happened - not the version you will see on the news!

The EDL were there for a planned demo against the govts failure to tackle extremism, extremism that they claim ultimately led to the death of Lee Rigby.

I made my way down Whitehall and came across a group of several hundred EDL being held by the police, while a few left wingers were bellowing abuse at them in their best home counties accents.  It was the all too familiar scene of both groups shouting at each other, but there was no violence.  I carried on  towards Downing St.  Once there it became clear that the UAF mob had staged a counter protest. They were being held in the protest pen opposite Downing St.

There was a heavy police presence including a van from the dog branch, the passengers of which could be heard going mental, barking in excitement at the prospect of sinking their gnashers into some flesh.  The dogs were quite exited too.

As for the UAF protesters, they were the usual faces.  Young posh kids.  I know the police have to strike a balance with protesters in order not antagonise, but to allow a group who have a history of violence to parade around the most security sensitive area of London, if not Europe with their faces covered to avoid recognition, is a step too far down the appeasement road.

It didn't take long for the masked members of the UAF to start fighting with the cops.  A simple request for a splinter group to move off the road and into the pen with the rest of the protesters was enough to see them start throwing punches at the cops and a wee bit of a pushing and jostling contest took place. The sound of the snarling police dogs seemed to put UAF on the back foot and the cops were able to manhandle them off the road and unto the pen.
Police arrest a hooded UAF thug

For those unfamiliar with the layout of the protest pen opposite Downing St, it is an area appx 200yards long and  behind barriers.  The UAF were occupying about a third of it when the EDL march arrived, under a heavy police escort.

Soon the pen was full to bursting point.  To be fair to the EDL they did their own thing.  They waved flags, chanted, and Tommy Robinson gave a speech.  It all went very smoothly, and I was just heading up Whitehall when I got a call saying that trouble had broken out.  When I got back, the EDL were leaving the area, some with blood pouring from head wounds, were being treated by the the police.  It transpired that as the EDL were leaving, UAF had launched bottles at them.  They had returned fire.

As it was UAF who had started the bottle throwing, the police put a containment around them (kettle).  It has to be said that there were only around 50 of UAF left.  Of course, the police couldn't identify who had thrown the bottles, as the guilty parties had their faces covered!!!!!

During this containment, they decided to have some impromptu speeches.

First up was Steve Hart, an official in the Unite Union.  He used his first sentence to say how sad he was about the death of Lee Rigby. That first sentence took around 15 seconds.   He started his second sentence with the word "But", and continued, we mustn't forget all the dozens of racist murders that have taken place in the UK, or words to that effect, he then went on about Stephen Lawrence.

So, Steve Hart, while representing a trade union, used the brutal murder by terrorists, of a serving UK soldier on the streets of London, as an opportunity to promote his own, and seemingly his union's agenda.  He spoke for around 10 mins.  He did nothing to address any issues regarding Lee's murder.  Shame on him.  And to think, people pay to be in the same union!

Next up to the mike was leader of UAF, Wyman Bennett.  He is a known thug, and  is to race relations, what Lord  Leveson is to press relations.  I never heard him mention Lee Rigby at all.  He too, was mainly concerned about how bad things were for immigrants.  He launched a verbal attack on Tommy Robinson of the EDL, working himself up to such an extent he was actually foaming at the mouth.
Wyman Bennett UAF

 This was a day when those addressing the crowds, from both sides should have been condemning Lee's death in the strongest possible terms. UAF were not interested. Speeches over it was time for Mr Bennett to negotiate with the police to get his band of lefties let out of the containment as they were whinging about needing the toilet and human rights blah, blah.  The cops agreed to let them out providing they left the area. Not an unfair request I feel.

Less than 2 minutes after leaving the kettle, UAF tried  to attack five EDL  who were drinking outside a pub.  What followed was comedy gold.  The five EDL walked away followed by a baying mob of UAF.  They walked around Parliament Square, and towards Westminster tube.  There were two cops in attendance.  Every now and then one of the UAF would pluck up the courage to get close to the EDL who were just walking calmly, and indulge in a bit of 'pavement dancing'.   "come on then you fascist scum" they would shout, but as soon as the EDL turned around, the pavement dancer would melt back into the crowd. The EDL did not take the bait.  Suddenly they mob charged at the five.  By now there was a fair number of police on foot, who got in between the two groups. The air was full of the sound of sirens as the riot vans raced to the scene.

Soon the roads around the scene were closed, buses re-routed and Westminster Tube station closed.  Tourists were cowering in fear, and children were crying, all because of UAF.   For visitors and tourists alike, what had started as a nice day enjoying the sights, ended when a large group of masked men fought with police - all in the  shadow of Big Ben. UAF claim to be anti violence.  This is a lie.

Despite these disruptions to public services, and the fear felt by the hundreds of tourists who were in the area enjoying the sites of Westminster, I have yet to see any reports of this in the mainstream media.
As usual, they were too busy concentrating on the EDL.

Talking of the EDL, yesterday was so nearly a good day for them.  Besides getting pissed and singing some questionable songs, in the main, they behaved.  I saw no fighting with cops in Whitehall.  They had their speeches and left.  Yes they retaliated when the UAF threw bottles at them but that was to be expected.  What spoiled the day for them publicity wise, was after the event when they returned to Leicester Square.  Again in an area full of tourists, they disgraced themselves by skirmishing with the police.  Shame really, as even some of the cops I spoke to were impressed with they way they had behaved in Whitehall.

Next weekend sees the BNP demonstrating in Woolwich.  UAF are infiltrating several residents groups in the area and already stirring up trouble.  All this because a young soldier was murdered by terrorists on the streets of London.  Why can't they just let it be and let people voice their opinions - whoever they are?  Fight against fascism, it's what our forces do every day, but - don't do it on the back of events in Woolwich.   The death of Lee Rigby should not be hijacked for any groups agenda, as it was by UAF on Monday.

Having a read through of this before I post it I am aware that I come across as pro EDL.  I'm not.  This is an accurate account of what I saw yesterday.  Luckily, I have the photographs to prove most of what I say.  They can be found here -

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Arrest Chowdary now.

The time has come for the Home Secretary to take her thumb out her saggy, hairy arse, and issue orders to arrest the hate preacher Anjem Chowdary.  Time after time he has had carte blanche to march and protest on the streets of London and other UK cities, spouting his vile rhetoric with impunity.  While other protest groups, including other Muslim extremists, have had to deal with restrictions on where they protest, Chowdary's mob do what they want.  Is he a source of intel to the security services? probably.

 He is hated by Muslims outside the enclave of  radicalised youths who follow him.  They rightly see him as a source of embarrassment to their faith and backgrounds, and a danger to the many vulnerable youths, who as a result of extreme left wing propaganda and certain media outlets, are prone to believing the lies Chowdary preaches.

Over the years we have seen Chowdary involved in the leadership of several radical groups, all of which have been banned by the Home Sec,  only for him to go away and form another one.  We have seen his groups burn poppies on Remembrance Day.  One of Chowdary's people were fined £50 for this grotesque act, while a member of the EDL who tried to stop it by jumping into the protest pen containing the extremists, was fined in the region of £350.

During the 10th anniversary of 9/11 there was a service held in Grovesnor Square, London.  The service was attended by a host of dignitaries, including Prince Charles.  Also present were survivors of the attacks on the twin towers, and relatives of those who perished.  Chowdary had around 50 supporters present.  The police allowed them to get right to the edge of the square.   The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson had to walk past them.  He was attacked, only escaping injury due to the quick actions of the cops. As the two minute silence was held at the exact time the first plane stuck the first tower, just 50 yards away from the service, Chowdary and his mob started screeching insults about those who died, and praising those who carried out the attack.  Were they arrested? no.  Were they moved away from the scene? no.  The EDL were present.  They came to lay a wreath.  They were forced to stand well away from the square.

I could go on and on listing the vile deeds carried out by these vermin, and the licence they have been given to do them but these are the ones that spring to mind.

The point I am trying to make in this post is that despite signs so clear that anyone with even a passing  interest in current affairs could see them, Chowdary has been poisoning the minds of disaffected Muslim youths for years, and a succession of Govts have refused to anything about him.  This has resulted in the horrific murder in Woolwich.

So, what can we, the man on the street do about this situation?  Personally, I have voted Tory all my days.  Never again.  The days of a 'proper' Tory party ended when the late Baroness Thatcher walked out the gates of Downing St for the last time.  Can anyone imagine Thatcher dealing with Chowdary?  He would be rotting in the jail where he belongs.  Looking at the Tories now, I can't  see anyone who would do a better job than Cameron.  Why?  Are they all really spineless tossers, or are they being bullied by the public school elite leadership?  I fear this is the case.  Labour is a no no.  They would probably give Chowdary a seat in Govt.  UKIP, well, right now they would have my vote.  Before a general election they would need a serious number of Tory defectors to join their ranks, but that is not a fantasy, it's a real possibility.  Bring it on!  They seem the only party who are not intent on causing more public fury by instigating unsuitable spending cuts and blaming them on Europe, while looking after the public school rich boys.  The govt has to change, and that has to start with the Tories getting shot of Cameron.

At least UKIP are clear on the need for reform over Europe.  This is something that needs to be done.  I have suffered more than most due to European bureaucracy.  The promise of a referendum if we vote the Tories in again is not to be trusted.  Just like the promise not to increase tuition fees was not to be trusted the last time around.

What we should not do is just as important.  Like everyone, I watched in horror as events in Woolwich unfolded.  Like most men I would have loved to commit unspeakable acts of violence on the scum who murdered Riggers.  I believe it is human nature to want revenge.  But there is something that separates us from savages like Chowdary and his radicalised scum who committed the brutal murder.  It is the ability to stop and think!

The murder of Riggers was a cold and calculated deed.  It was designed to give maximum media coverage to the teachings of Chowdary and other extremist preachers.  The media coverage was a given.  However, during his rant to the camera phone, one of the murders spoke of wanting a war on the streets of London.  Were normal people to act on their human instincts and target extremists on the streets, we would be giving the extremists what they want.  "But we would win it you say".  Would we?  Yeah sure, Chowdary and his mob could be targeted on the streets and dealt with 'street justice style'.  But that would not win the war.  It would be giving the left wing media more fuel, it would breed a new and more dangerous class of extremists. Remember this, Once upon a time Anjem Chowdary was a normal student who called himself Andy.  He drank lager, smoked a bit of pot and looked at porn.  Somewhere someone radicalised him! Those who murdered Riggers wanted to conquer and divide, one of the oldest military tactics in the book.  They want us to turn on the vast majority of law abiding Muslims.  They want running battles in the street. We must not give them what they crave.  Like it or not, Most Muslims are on our side and despise extremism.

This does not just apply to those who want revenge on the extremists.  Perhaps even more-so, it applies to the extreme left wing groups such as Unite against Fascism and their like.   The EDL have announced a demo against the way the govt tackles extremists on Bank Holiday Monday  at Downing St.  Many may not agree with this, and struggle to see what it will achieve.  However, if they are left to their own devices, they will rant and rave,  they will get pissed, wave flags and generally vent their collective spleens against the govt's miserable failings when it comes to dealing with extremism.  Providing that is all they do, I cant see a problem with that.

 However, within minutes of the EDL announcing their intentions on social media platforms, UAF decided they were going to stage a counter demo.  Why?  There is only one answer to that question - they want to cause trouble.  If that were not the case they wouldn't hold a counter protest.  It is as simple as that!  They are using the death of Riggers to demonise the EDL and the rage felt by the working classes.  Freedom of speech is something our forces have always fought for.  They pay a heavy price for it.  It is not there to be abused.

Lets be honest, when was the last time anyone ever heard of UAF protesting about anything other than the EDL.  Did they protest at the savagery shown by the extremist suicide bombers during the attacks on London? No.  Have they arranged a protest against any acts of terrorism by anyone?  No.  I'm not a member of the EDL.  I think they way the try to achieve their goals is wrong.  I think they wasted a great chance to have the majority of public opinion on their side years ago when instead of continuing to garner the support of the working man in the pub, they fought running battles with the police.  Hundreds of pissed up protesters are never going to be taken seriously.  They make themselves an easy target for the media.  That said, it is difficult to disagree with much of what they protest about.

Thanks to the left wing bias of much of the mainstream media, it is not generally known that there are always more arrests from the UAF mob than from the EDL when the two sides meet.  Talking of when the two sides meet, this is always at the instigation of UAF.  The EDL announce a protest and UAF announce a counter protest.  If UAF didn't have counter protests then there would be only a fraction of the troubles. The notion of freedom of speech does not mean the police or councils involved have to agree to  hosting opposing marches on the same day!  Has anyone ever heard of the EDL protesting against UAF?  Thought not.

It needs to be remembered that the fascists in this case are the ones who butchered the young soldier.  Those who are intent on protesting need to make it clear that they are protesting against the govt.  Running battles with the police or chasing UAF up and down Whitehall is giving the piece of shit who told the world he murdered a soldier because he wanted a war on the streets of London, exactly what he asked for.  Don't do it.  At least give Cameron and co the chance to act.  If they don't, they can't say they never had a chance!

For those new to this blog and wonder if I am some sort of left wing fence sitter, I'm not.  I'm an ex Scots Guardsman.  I'm proud of my country, I'm proud of  having served my country and I'm proud of the men and women who continue to do so in a much harder climate than I did.

RIP Lee 'Riggers"Rigby  Stand Easy.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

She would have loved it

I'm a die hard Brit.  As an ex guardsman I took part in plenty of ceremonial events, but to be honest, when you are serving, they are a pain in the arse.  They are something that gets in the way of going on the piss the night before.  That was years ago though, now I love watching.  There is a great sense of national pride when watching our forces do their stuff.  This was summed up by the kind lady from the British Association of Journalists who let me shoot the funeral procession from the windows of her office in Fleet Street.  The Scots Guards were marching into position to do the street-lining when she remarked "You know, no one does it as good as us Brits, do they?"
No One does it like the Brits, do they?

I had heard gossip that the protesters were going to gather at Ludgate Circus on the funeral procession route.  As it happens, my pre arranged vantage point was about 200 yards away from them.  The crowds began lining the route in earnest around 1000hrs.  In some places on Fleet St, they were 6 or 7 deep.  The Old Bill were in their best dress uniforms, including white gloves and medals, nice to see instead of the high vis stuff we have become used to.

The gun carriage carrying the coffin was due at 1050.  Looking down at the crowds on the pavement opposite me, there were young, old, black, white, all sorts.  The protesters were kept at Ludgate Circus.  As the sound of the band which was leading the cortege approached, there was a noticeable silence fell over the crowd.  The protesters were still chanting their bile, but by now a line of cops in 'normal uniform' were lined up in front of them, just in case.

As the gun carriage and coffin passed by, there was a real 'hairs on the back of your neck stand up' moment.  The crowd were clapping, they carried on clapping as the coffin passed and managed to drown out the protesters.

The most emotional moment for me was when after the service in St Pauls ended, the gun carriage and escort of Royal Horse Artillery came past again,  where as before, the carriage carried the coffin, draped in the Union Flag, this time, the gun carriage was empty.  There was a finality to that moment!

F*ck Bobby Sands, he's dead!
A last word on the protesters.  99% of the placards I saw were carrying the logo of the Socialist Worker.  For those that don't know, this is a publication put out by The Socialist Workers Party.  At every protest I have covered, and there have been many, they have a trestle table set up well before the event, to try to flog this rag. They also supply hundreds of placards which no-one ever uses.  Those manning the table are usually elderly, well dressed folk sporting a cheeky wee line in zip up knitwear or plastic kaguls.  Whether it is a demo by the Congolese complaining about the west plundering the resources of the DRC, or a protest  by trans-gender Big Issue sellers claiming equal rights to  maternity pay, the SWP are there with copies of their papers to sell.  They have aways struck me as a sort of relatively harmless distant relative with Parkinsons disease, who would only be dangerous if he took to playing with power tools while unsupervised.  Today I learnt this is not the case.  The placards they had handed out referred to support for the miners (ok, fair point I suppose), The Falklands, and slimmer of the year 1981, Bobby Sands.  It seems that the SWP are upping the ante!  Time will tell.
Last Journey

Finally, Today will go down in history as the day we buried one of our greatest ever politicians. I am proud to have served as a soldier during her terms in office, and I am proud to have been there today to see her get the send off she  deserved.  R.I. P. Baroness Thatcher.

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Monday, 15 April 2013

It's been a long time since there has been anything to post about on here.  There have been the regular protests by the mentally unstable members of UK Uncut, but to be honest, they are boring and the papers are not interested in them any more.  "We are the 99%" they chant - Really?  Sorry, no, you are not.  Likewise there have been protests by the usual groups of assorted foreign nations who live here,  but hate us, blaming us for all that is wrong in their own country.  Photos of them don't sell either, and to be honest,  watching them is not very good for my blood pressure.

The sad death of Baroness Thatcher was always going to bring the nutters out.  I'll put my cards on the table right away.  I did not agree with everything MT did.  However, she is exactly what the country needs right now.  A PM who has backbone, a  PM who has the best interests of the UK at heart.  Not some lily livered, pie faced, rich boy like the one we have now.   She defeated the IRA, she defeated the Argies and destroyed the stranglehold the left wing unions had on the country.  Sadly,  it will be a long time before we see anyone with her qualities in Govt again!

On to the 'Death Party' then.  It was hammering down in London and when I arrived at Trafalgar Square it was empty.  There were cops and a lot of private security, but no protesters.  I met up with a pal of mine who was standing next to some punks/anarchists, and one or two guys who were wee bit too well dressed to be part of the protest  group!!!  They all seemed to be getting on, so it seemed ok.  There were a few cops watching them.  This was under the arched canopy outside Waterstones bookshop just off Trafalgar Square for those who know the area.  They were a group of appx 25, all drinking and most seemed pissed up.
Scene of the bottle attack

Just as I was considering going home, one of the protesters came scurrying up to some cops who were standing nearby "They are arguing along there" she said, as though the police were supposed to wade in and put the put those involved on the naughty step.  I had a look, and just as I got there, one weasly looking kid had blood running from a cut around his eye, and was involved in a shouting match with another.  Suddenly, 'crash', the one who was already bleeding was smashed over the head with a bottle, which actually broke with the force of the swing.  The cops were on them in a flash and nicked a few.  On seeing the blood, the rest of the rough, tough anarchists decided they had no stomach for violence and headed away.

It was still pissing down but a crowd was beginning to gather in the square.  As reported in the MSM most of them were far too young to have been alive when MT was in office.  There were quite a few IRA supporters there with placards about the hunger strikers and the army.  Clearly being beaten by Maggie still upsets them - well the ones who are still alive anyway.  There was a manky looking thing with an Argentinian flag - you can always count on the left to support lost causes!  All in all, the crowd were just what I expected - a collection of the 'best' the far left could put on the streets -  a pathetic mix of poor little rich kids, slumming it on a day away from mummy and daddy, the dirty  unwashed squat dwellers who exist on methadone prescriptions and out of date food, lifted from supermarket skips, along with a large proportion of London's rough sleepers, who were drawn to the event like moths to a flame, dribbling at  the prospect of rich kids with free flowing alcohol. The best estimate I have seen is that at it's peak there were at most 1700 present.  When you consider that high profile events attended by normal people such as the Jubilee or Royal Wedding attract crowds that number in the hundreds of thousands, it is clear just how little support for left wing causes there is.  Nowdays, being left wing seems to be a lifestyle choice for the offspring of those who made their money when MT was running the country.  The 'Blac Bloc' is a prime example of this.  It is made up of a gaggle of kids who relish the chance to wear face coverings.  It must come as a respite from people staring at the raging acne  which covers their youthful faces.
Police close St Martins Lane

As darkness fell it was still raining and most of the bemused tourists who had made up a large portion of the crowd, had gone away. By now the gathering had thinned to around 600.  There were around 300 in front of the National Gallery and the remainder were down on Trafalgar Square.  As expected, this was when the violence started.  The crowd in front of the National Gallery were intent on having a party and I saw no violence from them.  The crowd in the Square however, used the cover of darkness to start throwing bottles at the police lines.  As the police line closed in, I saw one cop punched in the face.  There was no arrest at the time for this.  Still the occasional bottle flew at the cops.  Unusually, the police had no protective gear with them.  No helmets or shields. Despite being the targets for violence, they never even had their batons drawn! I asked a sergeant why this was and he replied with a wry smile that it was not his decision.  Who would be a cop in London when your bosses make decisions like that?

I stayed until 10:30pm.  It was still raining.  The scare-mongering that 100's of Millwall fans were going to arrive and  attack the lefties proved to be just that - a load of bollocks, although to be fair, one or two did turn up, but were quickly moved on by the police.

Several protesters I spoke to put the poor turnout down to people staying away in order to avoid arrest before the funeral on Wednesday.  It has to be said that a lot of the usual suspects at these events were missing - whether they were saving themselves for the funeral, or,  have just grown up and taken their fathers offer of a job in the City, remains to be seen.  If there is trouble during the funeral, I hope those who sit in luxury offices in New Scotland Yard allow the cops who do the real work, to do their job and make arrests - not stand back in the hope there is enough CCTV evidence to make arrests at a later date.  The public want to see these people arrested at the time - not listen to some spin from some office dwelling senior ranks after the event.  If the police are not seen to deal with these protesters, while I don't condone it, it would be difficult to  blame pro MT supporters for taking the law into their own hands.  The world's media will once again be watching, let the police do their jobs.  Don't make the country a laughing stock again.

The only certainty regarding MT's death is that the vile abuse directed at what is after all, the death of an old lady, a mother, and grandmother has only marginalised the looney left even more.

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OT, I am still looking for a ghost writer for my book on Portugal.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please pass on my details.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

'STAND BACK' I'm a legal observer

This time last year the Congolese living in the UK staged a number of protests in London.  They are convinced the the UK are behind just about all things that are wrong with life in the Congo.  Last year we were told we were responsible for the rigging of elections in the DRC.  The main  reason for this election fraud was to enable the UK to continue to plunder the natural resources that are so plentiful in the DRC.  Targets for their fury last year included the Apple store in Oxford St, Downing St and the police and press.

During the protests they caused chaos in London.  They closed Whitehall several times by sitting in the road and starting fires.  They fought with police, caused Oxford Circus tube station to be closed for hours during the evening rush hour, by fighting amongst themselves and generally behaved like savages.

Well, they are at it again.  This time the reason for their protests is their belief that the UK are supplying weapons and munitions to the Rwandans who are engaged in fighting in the DRC.

Last year they turned out in big numbers for the protests.  This time around they only managed to field appx 100.  Apparently after the trouble last year, the church which most of them belong to advised that the protests stop.  Clearly most of them heeded this advice.

The plan for yesterday was to march from their own embassy in Gt Portland St, to the Rwandan Embassy, and then on to Downing St.  Even before they had left Gt  Portland St things were going tits up.  At one point they had two cops cut off from the rest of those on duty, surrounded by an angry mob.  They turned on a photographer, threatening him.  Once the cops calmed things down, the march moved off.  The thing about the Congolese is they don't talk - they shout.  They shout, get in your face, and wave their arms about. They try very hard to intimidate anyone who poses a problem for them.

The journey to the Rwandan Embassy was uneventful.  However, once they got there, things changed.  The Rwandan Embassy is housed in a five story building  situated in  a residential area, just off the Edgware Rd.  There were around 12 cops on duty outside the building.

The crowd, many with their faces covered, were put in a pen opposite the embassy building.  Soon they were throwing eggs at the windows.  Then the eggs were replaced by batteries.  Luckily their aim was rubbish and the windows remained intact.  The crowd by now were whipped up into a frenzy.  As some of them tried to leave the pen and reach the embassy, the cops had to push them back.  This led to a few scuffles.  They managed to get a cops long baton during the struggles and this was thrown at the cops.

There looked to be a chance that things were about to get out of control as there didn't seem to be enough police to keep the crowd contained in the pen.  The cops never backed down an inch.  One of the police really stuck out.  She was about 5,4" blonde, and a good looking bird.  At one point she was surrounded by around 6/7 of the protesters.  Fair play to her, out came her baton and she beat them away.  Some of these were  big guys as well.

Not long after, the TSG arrived.  The Congolese know who they are and it's fair to say they don't like them!  Their arrival was greeted with loud boo's and jeering.  However, within minutes the crowd had gone from noisy and threatening to meek and mild.  A few of the protesters tried their luck by pushing some of the  TSG and shouting at them.   They soon realised there was no milage in this and went back to shouting at the building opposite.

Most protest groups realise that they need press coverage to get their message across.  Not the Congolese.  They hate us.  "DOAN YA TAK MA PEECHA, A SMASHA YA KAMRA".  We got it all.  At one point an inspector from the TSG came over to me and a colleague and warned us that the mob were very angry at us for photographing them.  He explained he was telling us as he had a duty of care towards us.  I get mightily pissed off when this happens.  This is a free country and to be issued with what amounts to threats, via the police, that a bunch of protesters who are behaving like savages, don't want me to do my job as they don't like it, send my blood pressure soaring!  Not long after the warning from the TSG, a girl wearing a hi-viz vest came marching up to us.  Notebook and pen poised she demanded "Who do you work for"?"Why" I asked.  "I want to know" came her reply.  She was a 'Legal Observer'  I told her to fuck off.  I hate these  troublemaking legal wannabes.  She accused me of being violent for telling her to fuck off.  Clearly that sort of language is only suitable in her world, when aimed at the police!  Who do they think they are?

I could feel the red mist starting to descend and made the decision to leave the protest. I know it comes with the territory but, there are times when you just have to step away for your own sanity.

I went to a job at Downing St and the Congolese arrived in Whitehall around 5.30.  They were shepherded into the protest pens.  They climbed all over the statues of various military leaders, all under the watchful eye of the cops.  This should not have been allowed.  The police should have got them off the statues.  There were plenty of cops, including TSG.  There protesters were still less than 100. With protests, there must come a time when the balance between the police standing back to avoid creating a confrontation, and upholding the law, tips in favour of upholding the law.  For Christ's sake, they weren't even asked to get down from the statues!

Some photographs from the event are here -